Below are the pricing and portion size for my cakes.

ROUND CAKE6"8"10"12"
Prices start from:£40£50£70£90
Portion Size (2"x2") - Sponge Cake8142128
Portion Size (1"x2") - Sponge Cake12243854
Portion Size (1"x1") - Fruit Cake244876108
Prices start from:£50£60£80£100
Portion Size (2"x2") - Sponge Cake9162536
Portion Size (1"x2") - Sponge Cake18325072
Portion Size (1"x1") - Fruit Cake3664100144

Food Allergies & Intolerances: Some of my foods contain allergens, please speak to me about further information on this matter.

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