July 2014Thanks for your beautiful creation! The cake was lovely and very moist - not much left! Geeta, Reading.
May 2014Absolutely loved it!! Charlie was totally knocked out by it and his mates thought it was the best cake they had seen! Thanks so much, it was fantastic! xx
Apr 2014Thanks for the cupcakes - everyone loved them, saying how fresh they were - thank you! Jeanne, Reading.
Apr 2014A massive thank you for helping me out at short notice - the baby shower cupcakes went down a treat and looked great! X Terri, Reading
Mar 2014The cupcakes were fab and went down a treat. Everyone commented on them and my daughter loved the design - thank you x Elaine, Reading.
Mar 2014Very happy with the cake - thanks! It tasted good and had lots of positive comments. Thanks for doing it at short notice x Angie, Reading.
Mar 2014Everyone loved the cake, it was beautiful - thank you! Lesley, Reading.
Feb 2014Thank you for the chocolate cake - it was huge and yummy ! xx Anna, Reading.
Feb 2014Thanks for the cake for Tracey - she loves it - and it arrived safely in Kent. Thanks again! Rick, Kent.
Feb 2014The cake was a big hit with Caitlin's friends - lots of wows! It tastes amazing too, especially the chocolate cake - glad I kept more of that one for us! x Sarah, Reading.
Jan 2014. So yeah, THANK YOU:) Aneta, Reading.
Jan 2014I just wanted to say "Thank you again for a the totally fantastic 'Dennis the Menace' cake you made and decorated. Everyone was amazed at the detail. The birthday boy was overjoyed with it! Janet, Reading.
Jan 2014Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much. It was totally superb! Delicious x Janet, Reading.
Jan 2014Cake was very yummy, thank you! Both boys got very excited yelling 'Nemo' when they saw it 🙂 thanks again X x Lynn, Reading,
Dec 2013The Christmas cake is utterly delicious!!! Carla, Reading.
Dec 2013Your cake was just perfect !!! Miguel, Reading.
Dec 2013It was a real hit!! He absolutely loved it, thank you. Sue, Reading.
Nov 2013Thank you for the cupcakes! The birthday girl thought they were beautiful and everyone loved them. Thank you so much for helping to make her special day x Jackie, Reading.
Nov 2013Thank you so much for the cupcakes! He loved them and they are so nice and tasty!! xx Lisa, Reading.
Oct 2013Your cupcakes were a great success at the kid's party. Thanks very much. Annette, Reading.
Oct 2013Thank you so much for the cupcakes!! He loved them and they are so nice and tasty!! xx Thandy, Reading.
Sept 2013The cake was perfect - all her friends loved it and tasted amazing! Really happy with it - can' t thank you enough. Georgie, Reading.
Sept 2013OMG your cake is amazing! Mario loved it. Thank you so much xx Katrina, Reading.
Sept 2013The cake looked amazing and everyone loved it!! It tasted fantastic and sponge was sooooo moist it was a great hit with everyone and I'm going back for some more later today!! Lizzie, Reading.
Aug 2013Awh Heather ... It was great. He had absolutely no idea and thought it was amazing. He even commented on the details and how much work must have gone into making it. It was fabulous and tasted amazing too. Thank you so much - it definitely made the day for him xxx Cathryn, Reading.
Aug 2013The cake was fantastic and tasted lovely. Everyone loved it and my sister found it hilarious. I hadn't noticed that she had pulled some of her husband's hair out too on the cake! That was a great touch. We love cakes for occasions so will be in touch again. Thank you xxx Nancy, Reading.
Aug 2013The cakes were fantastic - very tasty - and everyone loved the surprise in the centre! Thanks again. Nicki, Reading.
Aug 2013The cake was wonderful and he was thrilled - thanks for all your hard work! Nicki, Reading.
Aug 2013Thank you for Harriet's wonderful birthday cake - she loved it!! Victoria, Reading.
Aug 2013Thank you SO much for the cake - my sister is beyond delighted! xxx Emma, Reading.
Aug 2013Aw Heather, it was great. He had absolutely no idea and thought it was amazing. He event commented on the detail and how much work must have gone into making it. It was fabulous and tasted amazing. Thank you so much. It definitely made the day for him. Cathryn, Reading.
July 2013The cake was very yummy, thank you again. Nikki, Reading.
June 2013Heather recently baked some cup cakes for me. Absolutely scrummy! Thanks Gill - Reading Berkshire.
May 2013Awesome cake - OMG! Leah, Reading.
May 2013Beautiful cakes, thank you so much. Katie, Reading.
April 2013Heather created a special cake for my partner's daughter, Sarah, for her 18th birthday based on her favourite rock band. It looked good and my goodness it tasted beautiful. Totally chocolate heaven. All wonderfully done. Thanks Gill, Reading.
April 2013The cake was delicious - thank you again. Carla, Reading.
April 2013Thank you so, so much, the cake was wonderful, really really yummy, I'm sure we will be in touch soon 🙂 Once again, thank you so much for all 3 cakes xxx Seema, Reading.
March 2013Thank you so much for making Theresa's amazing birthday cake - it was so much better than I could have imagined. She absolutely loved it. It looked fantastic and tasted great, a very chocolately but light & moist sponge with more-ish buttercream. The vanilla cupcakes went down a treat too ! from Joy, Reading.
March 2013Thank you so much for the Disney princess cupcakes. Short notice but done a wonderful job and on time will let others know. Thank you so much. Rosie, Reading.
Feb 2013Hi Heather, everyone was blown away with the cake, it was fantastic, thank you so much xx
Feb 2013Thank you so much for the wonderful valentine's cupcakes. They looked awesome and tasted out of this world. My boyfriend said they were the best he had tasted. Thanks again. Emma, Reading.
Feb 2013Cake was a success and he loved it - you should have seen his face - it was a picture xxx Leah, Reading.
Feb 2013She loved the cake!! Joy, Reading.
Dec 2012The cake was perfect! Thank you. The sponge was so light, very enjoyable. The children loved it. Kellie, Reading.
Nov 2012Just a note to say thank you for my cupcake today. In fact thank you for being absolutely amazing and gifted when it comes to cakes. The cake you did for my boyfriend's birthday was exactly what I wanted (The Lorix). I couldn't have imagined it better. And that butter icing is to die for mmmm. Keep up the good work. Tracy in Reading.
Nov 2012I absolutely loved the cake you made for my Halloween party. Very impressed with the multi-coloured two tier sponge inside and the decoration certainly was the talk of the party! It goes without saying it tasted incredible too. Thanks again. James - Reading.
Sept 2012Would just like to recommend Midnightbaker to anyone who is looking for a special cake. She made me a beautiful baby shower cake with only 2 days notice. A very talented lady. Thank you. Danielle of Reading.
Sept 2012Mmmmmmmm ... Compliments to the baker 🙂 I think my son is in love with you! Godwin, Reading.
July 2012The cake was a smash - everyone loved it! Thank you so much! It all went well on the night, so I couldn't have any with my morning tea as a treat:( Thanks again xxx Shindey, Reading
May 2012The cake was a great success - many thanks! Katina, Reading.